For Parents

Lesson Rules

  • Listen respectfully to your instructor
  • Do not interfere with the teaching and learning of others
  • Respect classmates and their property
  • Follow directions the first time they are given
  • Raise your hand before you speak during a lesson
  • Come to class on time and prepared with instrument, binder, and practice log completed
  • Treat your instrument gently

Instrument Care

  • Always place your instrument carefully and properly in its case.
  • Open your case only in your lesson or at home (NEVER on the bus!).
  • Keep your instrument in a safe place at home.
  • Do not allow anyone else to handle your instrument.
  • Never, ever try to fix a broken instrument - bring it to your teacher.
  • Report a missing instrument IMMEDIATELY!

Practicing Suggestions

  • Find a regular time to practice at least 4 times per week.
  • Enter and add up your practice minutes in your practice log.
  • Have your Parent/Guardian sign your practice log each week.
  • Play something you enjoy each time you practice.
  • Remember! Practice Makes Better! Lots of Practice Makes Perfect!

Useful Links

New York Philharmonic (

This great kids site includes games, musicians' lounge, composers' gallery, instrument storage, instrument laboratory, conductor/soloist dressing rooms, newsstand, composition workshop. In the game room there is the Minuet Mixer, Instrument Frenzy, Percussion Showdown, Orchestration Station, Scavenger Hunt, Music Match Composers, Music Match Instruments, Puzzles and Quizzes, and Make Your Own Instrument!

San Francisco Symphony (

The site-features include:

Music Lab
Allows children to learn music basics, including tempo, rhythm, harmony, pitch, and music symbols.  In addition, the Music Lab includes special features such as the Performalator, which allows users to play familiar tunes and create melodies; the Composerizer, which allows users to create music by arranging note groupings; and a module on instrumentation.

Instruments of the Orchestra
Allows users to learn about the instruments of the orchestra by sound and sight, including close-ups; where instruments are seated in a symphony orchestra; about the instrument families; and background information on each instrument.

Allows users to tune in to dozens of audio clips of orchestral classics, arranged thematically. The radio’s “stations” are:

  • Channel 1 All in the Family
  • Channel 2 Big Moments
  • Channel 3 Great Tunes
  • Channel 4 Musical Critters
  • Channel 5 Once Upon A Time
  • Channel 6 Sneak Preview

Dallas Symphony (

Games (like Beethoven Baseball!), music, classroom activities, and information about going to the symphony.

Classics for Kids (

Classical music's great composers come to life through music and stories. A new composer every month.