“This program is so meaningful to so many kids. Thank you!”

- Tina A., MMM parent  


“MMM is a wonderful organization. Our son has learned so much in the program, and our family is delighted to support MMM.”

- Magda H., MMM parent  


“This is an amazing program to introduce musical instruments to Boston school kids. I’m excited to support it!”

- Bronwyn O., MMM parent  


“A joy to see our grandaughters playing music!”

- Linda S., MMM grandparent  


“We love MMM for all it does to help students connect with music, discipline, joy and community! Our daughter loved trying all four instruments in 3rd grade and has happily focused on the clarinet in 4th grade. She loves her teacher and has enjoyed playing in the concerts. We are very grateful for such a generous program that allows students to experience music while in elementary school.”

- Alice H., Ohrenberger School parent  


“Our daughter loves this program! Thank you!”

- Kristin, MMM parent